About Us

Diligent Achievers With Needs

Diligent Achievers With Needs (D.A.W.N.) is a 501(c)3 needs-based scholarship program designed to provide graduating high school seniors with additional funding to be applied towards their postsecondary education in the form of $1,000 per year for four years. 

Recipients of the D.A.W.N. scholarship also receive a paid summer internship beginning the summer after their Freshman year and continuing through the summer before their Senior year, not to surpass three consecutive summers.

Each intern will be paid a minimum of $12 per hour. Internships are provided by thriving businesses in the Greater Cleveland area. The internships were created to accompany the scholarships as a way to provide recipients with real-world experience, mentorship, exposure to corporate culture, personal development, and professional etiquette.