June 2, 2018: join us for our 1st annual scholarship gala!

Our Stories

Nautica Hereford, MA, LPC

"In my experience of mentorship under the leaders of the Human Arc Corporation, I was fortunate to gain an understanding of business operations, communication, teamwork, and personal development. "

Sharon Grob, PhD

"John Hay High School is unique in that it encompass three small schools in one building. We boast an Architecture and Design High School, an Early College Program, and a Science and Medicine specialty. All three schools present a rigorous honors curriculum to the highest achieving students in the district, a curriculum not available in other Cleveland high schools." 

Wilhemina Koomson, A.B., M.Phil

"Growing up in an inner city, you are often told there is more out there that you should aspire to. Many times you’ve never seen that “more,” it is something that is abstract and out of your grasp. Nevertheless, sometimes there are people, institutions, and experiences that shine light on the “more” that you can aspire to."